How to sell a pearl necklace


Establishing the value of a pearl necklace is not an easy task. Each bead is unique and accurately understand the value of jewelry like a necklace of pearls requires an expert eye. It is for this reason that, unlike the acquisition of gold, there is much less able to sell a pearl necklace that there with the gold. However, there are ways to sell a pearl necklace and a good price. This article is designed to tell you about pearl necklaces and value and to arm you with information you need to make an informed decision about where to sell a pearl necklace and also how to sell your necklace today pearls.

A pearl is a jewel made of calcium carbonate and are formed inside of mollusk shells, usually oysters. Natural pearls formed in nature are both very rare and very expensive by definition, but most pearls sold today are cultured or farmed pearls and come in a variety of colors including pink, cream and money. The least expensive pearls are imitation pearls. They are widely available but their quality is generally very poor and they are easily distinguished from genuine pearls.

Pearl necklaces have a wide variety of shapes, styles and colors so when it comes to selling a pearl necklace, you need to understand what you have and its potential value. Looking to –

  • Sell a pearl necklace
  • Sell in crew neck beads
  • Sell a princess pearl necklace
  • Sell an opera pearl necklace
  • Sell a string pearl necklace

It is important to determine if your pearl necklace is one of the examples above, or if it is not exactly what type of collar, usually this can be checked with the original documents, but if it is not available, a jeweler will be able to help you here.

Sale of pearl necklaces requires research since the number of variations of styles, sizes, beads, types of necklaces and pearl quality used and there are a number of options available to you so that you can sell your pearl necklace for the highest price.

Sell a pearl necklace auction
A number of auction system sell pearl necklaces and as long as you have the item, you may have very high prices. There must be the interest of buyers in the room, but make sure that you are aware of the fees and commissions payable before you commit. You can set a reserve price, but if the pearl necklace is not selling, you’re back to square one looking for another place to sell your pearl necklace.

Sell online pearl necklace
There are companies, such as 62 days, which will make you an offer for your online pearl necklace. However the market is much lower than for example those looking to sell gold. Another important avenue to explore is online, auction sites in peer-to-peer. These can be a great way to sell your pearl necklace, but be sure to follow the safety instructions provided and make sure to set a reserve price – often the buyers travel sites to do good business, it do not have to sell your cheap necklace just to make a sale!

Sell a string of pearls to a reseller
Again there are dealers who specialize in selling pearl necklaces and they deem the value of your necklace (sometimes paying). Keep in mind that if they make you an offer, they will probably try to buy at the low and sell at a higher price, so sell your pearl necklace to a dealer can guarantee the best price. If you are looking for a quick sale of your pearl necklace, a reseller is a good option, but shop around until you find the best price for your pearl necklace.

The sale of a pearl necklace in a pawnshop
If you want to sell your pearl necklace in a pawnshop, they will lend you an amount based on the evaluation of the article and it will remain with the pawnbroker as collateral. If you want to buy the necklace, you will have to repay the loan and the interest rate is traditionally high. If you want money for your pearl necklace, it is an option, but as always, it is worth seeking or sell your pearl necklace. Many people use pawn shops to sell diamond jewelry or sell Rolex watches or other luxury items, and it is likely that you will receive for your pearl necklace also.

Of course, you have a choice regarding where to sell a pearl necklace, but 62days, we make the process easy. You are in control of the process of the sale and we will offer you a safe and reliable way to sell your pearl necklace against money –

  • All estimates and collections are FREE your items are insured during transport. You also have the guarantee of security to be supported by TRUSTe, the online privacy safest provider of Internet
  • We are called 62days because we give you 62 days to change your mind. If you do so within that time, you can buy your pearl necklace for the amount that we’ve paid for it
  • All you have to do is upload up to five high-quality images with a description and you will receive your free evaluation
  • They will offer you extremely competitive prices for your pearl necklace
  • You can choose to be paid by PayPal, Google Checkout or directly from your bank account
    62days sector are experienced professionals who really understand the market so when customers ask “where to sell pearl necklaces” Our only answer is

When you sell a pearl necklace, there are certain things you need to know-

  • As we mentioned, the sale of pearl necklaces requires research since the number of variations of styles, sizes of beads, types of necklace and pearl quality used and we suggest you speak to independent experts jewelry or look for trusted sites like The more information you have, the easier it is to sell pearl necklaces
  • Ask your jeweler to evaluate your pearl necklace or experts to 62days
  • Tell us about all related documents, including invoices and certificates of authenticity. In addition, the collar becomes more valuable if you have the box or original packaging

Why do you want to sell your pearl necklace? To release the funds, you can sell your pearl necklace against money online easily enough, but you will be flooded by low offers. If you want to sell an old necklace beads, vintage beads necklace or pearl necklace of a designer, demand often exceeds supply, but the sentimental value is not always synonymous with market value.
The other thing to keep in mind is the use of trade sites in peer-to-peer to decide where to sell pearl necklaces. It sometimes has the security risks, payments, collections and deliveries and there might be people who look “sell pearl necklace” and seek to enjoy your honesty. Always check the testimonials and if you can, contact the sellers about their experience.

There is of course no single value of pearl necklaces, but 62days, our pearl necklace experts will make the process easier and free, without obligation and an assessment based on the information you provide.

Choosing the best place to store gold and l silver

gold coins

You made the (good) choice to invest in gold or silver. Now poses a fundamental question: where the store it all?

The traditional places to store gold or money.

Of course you can keep your stock at home in a safe or hidden in your home. But the risks of your wealth stolen by a burglar are real and growing.

You can choose to place your gold or silver metal in a safe rented by your bank. Security will be ensured at the level of theft, burglary large boxes are relatively rare. But you will have limited access to your trunk and especially, what will happen in case of political or financial crisis? Also, have you fully trust your bank? A recent article in chained duck (No. 4758 of January 4, 2012) was part of the woes of Crédit Mutuel / CIC who left personal data on their customers open to all journalists from press groups of the group. For example, journalists knew the names and addresses of 400 customers who bought gold in recent weeks. For discretion will require ironing ….

Custody pooled in the banking system or in private companies.

You can also turn to the pooled garde solutions from several websites specialized in transactions in gold or silver. Some offer for you to keep your gold in vaults of the banking network. Disposing of administrative hassle but you find the drawbacks mentioned above.
Other sites offer to store your metal with private companies outside the banking system. You get the same level of security that banks, these companies are ultra secure and you obviously have insurance to cover the value of your stocks. The pooling of the guard can significantly reduce the cost, for a fee at around 1%, you no longer have to worry about storage problems. By opting for this solution, you limit the circulation of gold which then remains in a professional circuit. Upon resale, if you kept bullion at home, you will probably be asked to carry out an expertise to ensure the quality of the ingots, representing the lost time and a fairly substantial cost. By entrusting the care of your gold by professionals, you can sell it right away, without risking a deterioration of its quality.

Which country choose to store their gold or money?

There is one final choice: the place of storage. Is it necessary to keep his gold in their home country or abroad? All obviously depends on your priorities and your traveling facilities. Have gold or money in the country is an advantage in terms of proximity but the European Union’s lives will be brought to experience periods of tensions. The economic and political context can be considered more stable, and it can be good to think about protecting its stocks outside the European Union. Several countries can be good host country, but one of them stands out for geographical, historical and political: Switzerland. Indeed, Switzerland is one of the few countries to remain neutral in conflicts and politically stable. Furthermore, Switzerland has always been very protective of property rights and even in case of conflict you can recover your property. However, careful to validate that your stocks are placed outside the banking system as a banking crisis, it also concerns the country.

To sum up, take care of your gold to experts, validate the reliability and reputation of the companies to whom you hand, do keep it outside the banking system and possibly outside the European Union for at least part of your stocks.


Finding gold in rivers


Some people are capable of finding precious metals in the most unusual of places. Stephane Magrin, turns his sight to precious rivers. For 25 years, armed with his shovel and pan, he is finding gold where others see only sand and mud.

Happiness exists on earth. Just see Stéphane Magrin, both feet in the water of Salat, with its tools, never to doubt there is always something to find. And it has been going on since 1985.This gold digger, 2015 version, is far from being a visionary in the quest for the Holy Grail in the American Wild West. “I started to look for gold in the Garonne.” As the years went by, his tall figure and his green eyes glitter gold dragged in rivers around the world. His passion for gold panning led this operator in asbestos removal to the United States. “California, it looks a bit like the Ariege … With the bears and more,” he describes, smiling. Despite his reserve and shyness, Stéphane Magrin does not stand when asked to talk about gold panning and travels.“One day, searching for gold, I found myself facing a giant grizzly bear!” And he has traveled the rivers before being now one of only two professional miners France. There are approximately one gram of gold per day in prayer at this time. Not enough to make a fortune, therefore, not a living. So why? “I love it,” he replied laconically.

Years of experience

The decisive meeting with his gold digger took place away from the water at the edge of a road. “A prospector spotted us with my wife. This old minor taught me everything,” he recalls.But we feel that since the 90s, the date of the meeting, Stéphane Magrin has progressed well.When he digs his hole in the river, the gesture is sure. It seems simple to sort the sandy residue but it takes years of experience before you get there,” he warned, raising his sleeves.Gradually, Stéphane Magrin go into his world and lyrics are rarer. Concentrated, it holds the tool with two hands, turn left, turn right, then plunges into the water. As in alchemy, little by little, what appeared to be rocks and mud turns out to be gold. At the bottom of the circle, through the actions of the prospector safe, small gold sequins appear. Remember, if it shines, it’s not gold but mica!”
a nugget

While recovering his treasure, Stéphane Magrin tells again. Panning for gold in Ariege in the seventeenth century, the illegal practice of the carpet under the sand pits, the day where therewas 17, he found his first nugget … How does a nugget? It comes out of a box a little gold dots.On his palm rests 1.3 grams of gold to 21.5 carats. All smiles and while modesty, heacknowledges that “some researchers are never in their lives …”

This is a gold mine of knowledge that pass behind her timid air. Between Battées, he admits that some fans do not respect the rules of the gold panning or nature. Stéphane Magrin sawevolve “business” and regretted some unreasonable practices. Anyway, soon, he wipes his hands on his shirt, greets a colleague and leaves, head in the clouds, feet on the ground … In the water of Salat.

The essence of family jewelry

old ring

There is jewelry that will come out to shine and impress. Others that are just junk, beads you buy and favorite before you forget. Some symbols so heavy that they remain safe. And all those who will never take off, taped to the body of the owner: ring of a grandmother with the same name, medal of a deceased brother or lonely offered as a token of reconciliation. These ornaments were of meanings and intimate, ignore modes allow all kinds of mixtures, form a single door the alliance of his grandmother and a married woman prefers to adorn his ring finger of the ring his engagement, acquired in a consignment shop. “These jewels, somehow incorporated, not for adornment. They are not always either, identity signs or status for others. “Marlene Albert-Llorca, Toulouse anthropologist, has conducted thorough research on the relationship that women have with their jewelry, these trappings of femininity of a very different nature from that of clothing. This work is called Instant and eternity, as it is reported to time speak these personal items, which are not always sacrifice the reign of the ephemeral. “By wearing fancy that they themselves have chosen and purchased, women can assert their individuality and freedom. But, bearing constantly offered jewelry (or inherited), they also demonstrate the importance of the network of family relationships and how they identify themselves. ”

These objects serve as “marking” of the ages: Medal of birth, first loops “hole”, the first string of pearls or diamond first, trace the biography of their owner when they are kept. So, “losing her jewelry is losing its history,” writes anthropologist. “The desire to break with a period of his life can it, result in the” loss jewelry acquired this time. “This is the fate of some medals deemed” too catholic “that young women claim have lost, alliances which we do not know “in this fact that” after a divorce.

Theft is always felt as a violence, a drama that has nothing to do with market value. Marlene Albert-Llorca takes the testimony of Myriam, a young girl who left her home country and attended all her jewelry in a cookie jar that she carries with her, when she has to travel for a few days, as she is afraid of losing them, “All my wealth is there.” Everything but her first jewelry stolen childhood, there a few years ago by burglars.

b2e0722d783ad2b92554ecdf75114efdThe best way to avoid a separation, to stave off a disappearance is to let the other jewelry. “Especially when one knows threatened by death that we consider to her jewelry to those we love.” More than half of women surveyed have at least one inherited jewel, or, more frequently transmitted, in his lifetime by a parent or an ally of a generation prior to theirs, who had himself received some of the more distant ascendant. “The phrase” it was not for me exactly defines the status of the “family jewels,” wrote Marlene Albert-Llorca. Transmission no longer obeys preset inheritance rules with birthright express obligation to transmit in turn. But this does not affect the widespread idea that a woman’s jewelry are intended to survive it and that they should go priority of the parent having with them a consanguineous link. In most cases, the beneficiaries are the granddaughters, then come the girls and, ultimately, nieces. “A mother may suffer to see her daughter become a woman, a grandmother accepts more willing to pass on to her daughter adornment that helped him in his youth, to be beautiful.”

Transmission. But the nature of these gifts suggests the anthropologist that the grandmother did not bequeath only memories. Often, it transmits that her husband had given her, meaning the girl that she should, in turn, become a woman and get into the game of the alliance to perpetrate his lineage.

The fate of a ring, of how and why she ended up belonging to the woman, not his cousin, led respondents to reveal a whole section of the novel their families. Rolande had nothing mother’s side because his grandmother had given everything to his son, the last of her children and her only son: “She had a preference for her and she left him her finest jewelry. My mother had a watch, aunt earrings with beads, but the rest returned to the wife of my uncle and so my cousins. Usually it is women who inherit jewelry, but here, it happened like that. “

Keeping valuables safe

C8WH45_2533932b (1)

Firstly, if you want to keep the money, objects or documents safe and hidden for a long time, the traditional safe remains a fundamental security. Invest in a good safe seems obvious especially if it comes to keeping documents or valuables in the long term. Certainly the safe attracts attention, but it is effective. If fixed or concrete, the likelihood that they manage to open is low. There are tips to safe places, found in all homes. He is not hiding in the flush toilet or above a cupboard, since these are the first places burglars seek. No, it is more original and effective hiding that bloggers Frugal Dad (link not available), and The Simple Dollar have identified: – In the fridge, wrapped in aluminum foil, your items will be more than the shelter in an envelope under the mattress.

Indeed, the burglars probably shall search every corner of the house, will check in each tray, perhaps even in the fridge, but the likelihood that they carefully examine each food is low. – Buried in a fake plant. If you have a fake plant, consider placing the documents or money under the false floor. – Anywhere in a nursery. There is evidence that burglars enter only rarely in children’s rooms because of the toys placed throughout and noise that can create. So just find a good hiding in the bedroom kids and preferably even in a toy. – If you have a library or a large number of books at home, the perfect hiding place is between the pages of one of them, since the thieves probably not take the time to check the inside of each of them. By cons, avoid DVD since it is one of the first things burglars prevail when leaving the house. – In your Christmas decorations of cardboard. As this kind of cardboard is too full and too messy, burglars will not waste time looking between the garlands and Christmas balls. Remember to put this card in the basement or the attic to increase security. – You can hide your money years a glass bottle that you take care to close and place among other bottles. To recover your good, you just have to break the bottle. – If you have a garden, this is the perfect place to hide your belongings. Obviously, they must be well camouflaged see buried, but if you have neighbors, the burglar will not take the risk to go around the garden or at least not as thoroughly as in the home.

BookSafe-150x150Security is not the only important consideration we have at home. Cleanliness is important too. If you are messy and would like to keep it that way, then you do not need professional cleaners but rather, you need to use those bad habits of yours to conceal precious items. Camouflage them as rubbish lying around and nobody will suspect a thing even if they break into your home in search of valuables.

False bundle of tickets This is the ultimate plan, one that will guarantee you that nothing else will be stolen.Indeed, when entering a house, the thief has two ideas in mind: to steal money and get out as fast as possible and with money. After searching the usual corner of a house, if the thief has not found what he was looking for, it will then start to look more specifically and accurately.This increases the chances of hitting the jackpot you will also possibly very well hidden. By voluntarily putting counterfeit money in a more or less obvious place, you give burglars what they want and increase the chances for them to leave quickly to you. It is here that some tips and suggestions from dozens. But in general, when you choose a hiding place, enter your home and put yourself in the shoes of a burglar who is looking for money. If in the first five minutes, you already look in the direction of your hiding place is that it is better to change your plans.

Rare gems classification


Emerald is a member of the family of beryl. It is very rare and sold at relatively high prices on the market. Because emeralds without inclusions are extremely rare, the detection of inclusions impact the value of an emerald only slightly, if it is not. Only deep inclusions reduce the value of an emerald. The most expensive emeralds are those light green grass style. Emeralds have a very good hardness 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. They are known worldwide for their sublime green tint and were adopted by humans for over 4,000 years. Emeralds references appear in myths, legends and rituals of the Incas, Mughal Indian and Ancient Greeks. Many cultures believed that emeralds held supernatural powers. Their green color can vary from very light green to yellowish, deep green, darker, sometimes with a bluish tint. Today emeralds are mined in Colombia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Madagascar. Emerald is the birth stone of May in the United States.

Garnet is the name of a whole family of stones that can be found in a wide range of colors. The value of a garnet depends entirely on its color, its size and its corresponding rarity. If the dark red color is the most common garnet, the most traditional and most affordable, other garnets can be green, orange, yellow or have sepia tones. Garnets are really available in almost every color except blue. Garnets have a good hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. These gems are sought by man for thousands of years and their most known mention is the one that is made in the story of Noah’s ark. Garnets of the most common colors come from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Africa and the United States, while more exotic garnet colors are extracted in East Africa and Russia. Garnet is the birthstone of January in the United States.

Jade word is a term that encompasses two stones: jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite has colors that include green, white, pink, red, black, brown and purple. Nephritis typically has colors ranging from green to dark green or gray green, but can also be white, yellowish or reddish. Only jades of the highest quality have uniform color. Jade is wanted by the countries of the East and the West for over 7,000 years. It is considered particularly valuable symbol of royalty, compassion, kindness, beauty, modesty, and more. Jades have an average hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale, but they are extremely hard. Because of their hardness, jades were used by early civilizations to make knives, axes, tools and weapons. They are well known to provide a remedy against kidney disease. The word jadeite comes from the Spanish word ‘piedra de ijada’, and the word nephrite originated from the Latin word ‘lapis nephriticus’, which both mean “kidney stone”.

Lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli is used for over 6,000 years as an ornamental stone and is known worldwide for its deep blue color breathtaking. The name of this stone is a combination of Latin and Arabic words meaning “blue stone”. Lapis lazuli has a hardness of 5-6 on the Mohs scale; it is sensitive to extreme conditions, but can also be powdered as a basis for watercolors, oil paintings and tempera paints. This beautiful stone is considered a symbol of friendship and truth.

Sell or hold your old gold jewelry?


The lure of quick money may be tempting but sometimes, it is not worthwhile to dust off your old gold jewelry and sell them. Gold redemption shops offer prices that vary between them. If you are not sure of the actual value of the gold price at a specific time and you’re not sure you want to sell your gold jewelry, it is best to think carefully and to wait before you separate at a good price. Before selling your gold jewelry, check if a family member wants to inherit or if you will the temptation to spend money trying to replace in the near future.

Some tips

Determine how much you can expect to sell your gold. You have at your disposal daily financial newspapers or websites informing you of the residual value of gold, not its market value. This differentiation on this value of gold has been identified in a 2011 report from MSNBC is a news channel cable broadcast in the United States and Canada. Moreover, it is common to see buyers regularly change the value of the price of an ounce of gold in a transaction. In addition, if you sell your gold online on the internet, you can receive much less what you’d hoped. For example, a woman appeared in a news report of “MSNBC Today” reported that it had only received 26 dollars for gold she sent when she was hoping to get more than $ 100.

d.Family-Jewelry-300x101 It is also useful to check on the internet if there is any complaint about the store in which you want to sell your gold. If complaints relate to allegations received from former customers indicating they perceived little money in exchange for their sales of gold objects, it is useful to ask questions about what online trading before sending your property. Choose a store that has a storefront and for which you have heard good recommendations. Ask the buyer information on how it determines the price of gold jewelry and request information on several gold shops before you decide.

Think about why you are going to buy jewelry and you’ll be tempted to replace them later. In exchange for selling your gold jewelry you will of course money, but if you replace these parts a few months later, you will lose the value of these objects. If these are gifts, check with your relatives if they wish to inherit later because you might offend or cause a conflict if you decide to put them on sale.

Sale of Gold Jewellery

These gold jewelry can have sentimental value and children or grandchildren may want to keep as family relics. This transmission between generations is worth more than the value of money. If you really want to separate your gold items for any reason, you can sell a part and the other you will pass your descendants the time comes. Besides, if you want to leave them something of particular value, family jewels might be the way to go because the more time passes, the more money those items will be worth and your children will benefit more. Whether in time of need or for another reason, the next generation can sell the jewelry if they so desire. Does not mean you have to.

How to wear jewelry?


It is not always easy to choose his costume jewelry woman, depending on its style, its morphology, its outfits. Buy jewelry is a pleasure for all of us. Moreover, in many cases, the jewelry is purchased on impulse heart, just for fun. Yet it is important to know match her jewelry to her outfit, but also to his own style. Someone ethnic / bohemian style will struggle to wear classic jewelry set with rhinestones and diamonds. Similarly, a person may not bring classic wooden jewelry or costume with a suit / skirt / shoes. It is therefore essential to know wear her jewelry, at the risk of curling bad taste.

How to wear jewelry?

Above all, we must know the difference between each type of jewelry. There are classic and timeless pieces that can be worn with almost everything and that complement any outfit. This is fine jewelry, with little or no stones, rhinestones or pearls. They are discreet and can be easily carried. The more sustained and lights, with jewelry beads, stones or many rhinestones will wear sparingly, at the risk of looking like a Christmas tree. The total rhinestones look:earrings, necklace, ring and bracelet is avoided because it would be too light. Bohemian style jewelry / ethnicity are to wear with specific outfits, perfectly suited to this type of jewelry.
Wear jewelry as its morphology

The morphology of course comes into play when we talk about jewelry. Short people should avoid necklaces or too heavy jewelry because it gives the illusion of squashing the silhouette.Instead, stick with the fine, delicate jewelry or even colored.
As for the relatively big people, they can dare to long necklaces like necklace. The choice ofearrings depends on the shape of the face. A round face bear many fine curls, dangling or rings. Earrings too
imposing be avoided as this may increase this effect of roundness. People with a long face should however avoid dangling earrings that accentuate this length. It will move more towards non dangling earrings and there, the choices abound.

Wear jewelry with the seasons


The jewelry can be worn according to seasons. Summer jewelry will not be the same as winter and vice versa. In summer,focuses on fine jewelry, colorful, fancy or choker. It is important to treat the neckline when wearing a summer dress,
with an original costume necklace, gay, colorful and in keeping with the outfit.Summer and spring are the seasons when you can afford all the fantasies. The color is required. The golden rule is to match her summer with her outfit jewelry carefully.Aside from that, you can afford. In winter, the tone jewelry change. Gold and silver are of course easy to wear in the winter or fall, but there are also jewelry black, brown or orange. Warm tones or neutrals are suitable for colder seasons.

Wear jewelry based on trends

Jewelry can however choose based on trends, although this is not a golden rule. Fashion changes every year in terms of dress and the same is true for jewelry. Just flip through a fewfashion magazines to follow the trend. in
principle, level jewelry trends closely follow fashion dress, to make it easier to match. Just for example, to buy a small blast in a shop to find the necklace that will be perfectly matched.
The jewels are worn for all occasions

Finally, the jewelry can be worn according to the occasion. To work, there is no need to remove the entire range. A pair of earrings, a watch, a ring and a necklace will do the trick. However, itis possible to drop a
low for a night out or to go dancing. For ceremonies, rhinestone jewelry or diamonds are still the most beautiful effect. The jewelry is there to improve the maintenance and sublime.

Tips: How to clean jewelry like gold, silver, pearls


Jewelry is expensive and fancygold, silver, pearls, you will certainly hold those for longer periods of time if only for their sentimental value! But you know that over time they turn brown, dull, etc. This is absolutely normal and is not a sign of poor quality, quite the contrary actually.

In this article, we’ll offer you some cleaning techniques for different types of jewelry.

Common advice for all types of jewelry:

  •     Remember to remove your jewelry from time to time:
  •      When you shower
  •      when you exercise
  •      when you’ll be exposed to a source of heat
  •      at the beach

The differences between the metals:


Gold can change color over time and will require an annual or bi-annual re-polishing.

Money (coins)

Money receive scratches more easily because it is a relatively soft metal, much more than gold for instance. Furthermore, the oxidation is much faster than gold because it is covered by a layer of rhodium.


This is an extremely strong material that is deemed indestructible”, its white color stands for many years. However, it is quite fragile to shocks, so remember to remove platinum jewelry during sports sessions.
The advice “house” cleaning jewelry:

Clean gold jewelry
Jewelry gold plated or solid gold does not change color like other metals, but they tarnish and gradually lose their luster. To prevent this, we have listed a few tricks.

Cleaning with detergent
The easiest method to clean his gold jewelry is to soak it in hot water and washing up with liquid. Let the well overnight and early morning, rinse the jewelry with clear water and buff it with a soft cloth.

Cleaning with toothpaste

670px-Clean-Gold-Jewelry-Step-3-300x200 As for silver jewelry, you can use tooth paste to clean. To do this, put a little on an old toothbrush moistened with warm water and rub lightly with your jewelry. Then polish with a soft cloth.

Cleaning products for jewelry
Your gold jewelry will not be better protected if you clean them with products specifically designed to preserve their beauty. In most cases, their use is fairly easy.
Start by applying the product on your gold jewelry, then rub lightly with using a tooth brush moistened with warm water and polish it using a soft cloth.

Maintenance of gold
Gold has the advantage of being known for keeping his characteristics over time. The maintenance of this metal is easy. Here are our recommendations:

Do not wear jewelry all the time.

As for the money, contact with the skin, sweating and products for the skin are not recommended because they reduce the brightness of gold. So remove your jewelry when you are alone at home at night and for sports activities as well.

Store in pockets of fabric
For all practical purposes, you should try and store jewelry in fabric pockets.

You know that money blackens over time. This color is actually evidence of the presence of solid silver in your jewelry and therefore its of decent quality! Indeed, the money used is combined with a small amount of copper to give them their strength, and this mixture accelerates the darkening of your jewelry.

If your jewelry is silver plated, blackening is longer but the result and treatments are the same.Here are our methods:

Cleaning with baking soda
Cleaning with baking soda is simple, just to dilute half a teaspoon in a glass of water. Then you get a paste to apply gently on your jewelry with a soft cloth. Then moisten a toothbrush with warm water and rub lightly on the gem to remove the color in the hollows, rinse with clear water and buff it with a soft cloth.

Cleaning with lemon
To clean your jewelry a slice of lemon and rub your jewelry directly against the flesh of the lemon. Then rinse your jewelry in clear water and buff it with a soft cloth, such as cleaning with baking soda.


Cleaning salt water
To clean your jewelry in this manner, you will need water, salt and aluminum. Start by placing your jewelry on aluminum in a container and pour salt and hot water on it.By achieving this, you will feel a slight smell of sulfur. You no longer have to wait 15 minutes to find your jewelry in perfect condition.

Cleaning with toothpaste
You can also use toothpaste to clean your silver jewelry. To do this, turn on an old toothbrush and rub lightly with your jewelry. Then polish with a soft cloth and voila!

Cleaning products for jewelry
Whatever product you use, the principle is often the same. Start by applying the product on your silver jewelry, rub lightly with an old toothbrush moistened with warm water then buff it with a soft cloth.
The advantage of cleaning products for jewelry is that they are specifically designed for, so do not risk damaging them, and a small amount of product is enough to have the same result.


Do not wear your jewelry permanently
The mere skin contact accelerates the reactions of silver with air. So take off your jewelry whenwhen you are alone at home and at night.

Store in pockets of fabric
This little trick has two advantages. Not only does it significantly slows down the darkening ofmoney but also it saves you from losing your jewelry thereafter.

Do not do it!
Blackening of silver is reacting with the air, so you can reduce the rate of this reaction even have the opposite effect for cleaning. But you can also help this aging if you use the wrong product!

Clean your jewelery with bleach
Bleach is the opposite effect of baking soda on most metals. So you may be greatly disappointed if you try to clean your silver jewelry with.

Keep jewelry to bleach, cleaning products that retains the beauty of swimming pool water intensifies the color of the money. It is best to remove your jewelry before taking a dip.

Clean your jewelry beads
The cleaning beads differs from that of the gold and silver that is not a metal. They are more fragile and require a softer treatment. More often than not, one needs to not only take care of the of the jewelry but the home they are kept in as well. If you happen to need any kind of assistance for your home, then it stands to reason to find someone reliable.

The conventional cleaning
Regularly, your pearls are beings thoroughly wiped with a soft, damp cloth. Unlike metals, do not rub with the cloth at the risk of damaging them. Once you have gone into every corner with your cloth, leave your jewelry in open air to dry.

Cleaning with olive oil
Cultured pearls need to be thoroughly cleaned once every one to two years. For this, take a soft cloth moistened with a few drops of olive oil cloth and wipe your pearls with as in the conventional cleaning.

Caring for pearls
Some simple tips can help extend the life of a pearl.

Keep in moisture
Unlike gold and silver, pearls retain their beauty when stored in a damp place. Otherwise, they dry up and deteriorate.

Store them separately
This time, the trick is the same as for gold jewelry and money. Store your jewelry separately keeps scratches.